ZetaChain : The Best interoperability Solution between Blockchains?

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ZetaChain is a revolutionary Decentralized blockchain that enables seamless communication and smart contracts across various blockchains, overcoming the challenges of "cross-chain" and "multi-chain" interactions. By offering a fluid, multi-chain crypto Ecosystem, ZetaChain empowers users and developers to leverage diverse blockchain features, from payments and DeFi to gaming and art. Its exceptional features, like hyper-connected nodes, omnichain smart contracts, and cross-chain message passing, ensure a seamless and efficient experience. With ZetaChain, developers can build robust cross-chain applications while maintaining a trust-minimized environment.

Let's Explore this New Blockchain within different Tasks and Interactions. Are you ready?


To discover this Ecosystem, you will need ZETA asset as gas fee to execute transactions.
You can either BUY ZETA on Central exchange and transfer it to your Wallet or use a Bridge to transfer asset from a blockchain to ZetaChain.
Need help to bridge from BNB Chain to ZetaChain?

Discover the Hub and the XP Dashboard

Visit the ZetaChain Hub 🔗 Open and check your Dashboard.
Here you can see All available activities you can do within ZetaChain Ecosystem.
Connect your Wallet and register to the Platform to get your First 1000 Points!

Bridge asset to ZetaChain

The first activity to do is to transfer fund from BNB chain to Zeta within the Native Bridge on the Hub.

Deposit Liquidity to LP

To deposit liquidity you have several POOL Available. I have chosen the BNB/ZETA
The first thing to do is to transfer BNB token from BNB Chain to ZetaChain
For that, use the Native Bridge on the Hub : 🔗 Open

Get your Domain Name

Register your Domain Name on ZetaChain Ecosystem.
Don't know how to do ?

ZetaChain Hub

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ZetaChain has built a dedicated Hub where you can see your progress in the Ecosystem. Governance, Native Bridge, Dashboard and more....


Chainlist Official Website

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Connecting users to EVM-powered networks, ChainList provides essential information for linking wallets and Web3 middleware providers to the right Chain ID and Network ID, ensuring seamless connectivity to the correct chain.


ZNS Connect

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The decentralized name service for linking Omnichain. Claim your Domain Name on Zeta Ecosystem Today!


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