Free Mint on Opensea : Get Based

New Mint is available

A Bonus interaction on Base within Opensea! This time is a Free Mint!

Interact with

Listen and Collect

Post, Create, Listen, Collect and more...
Try it out.
Web3 Music is Live

Mint an Hidden NFT

Coinbase Pizza Surprise NFT

"Congratulations, you found our hidden NFT. What now? Head to on Bitcoin Pizza Day (May 22nd, 2024) with this NFT in your wallet to find out. See you then!"

To check your NFT Collection on Base : 🔗 Open & Profile

Deploy a smart contract on Base

Deploy a Basic Smart Contract

👉 Add Base Sepolia Testnet Network : 🔗 Open
⛽️ Get some Faucet : 🔗 Open
🍼 Open Remix App to Deploy a Smart Contract
➕ Create a Folder, Edit a New file .sol and write a simple smart contract : 🔗 Open
✅ Compile Completed

For more Documentations : 🔗 Open

Join Base Guild

Get Exclusive Roles on Base Discord Channel

Connect your Wallet and Follow instruction on screen.

Once validated, check your new roles on Discord 🔗 Open

Swap On Uniswap

Simple Swap

Connect your Wallet from the top right menu and Swap any token from the selected Network (Base)

🤓 If any issue during the Swap, try to high up the slippage from the setting menu.

Join Paragraph

Twitter Blog

Register and Mint your first Article

Paragraph represents a Decentralized iteration of the popular platform Medium. How does it stand out? Well, here's the key distinction: authors have the opportunity to earn rewards directly from their readers through the minting process. Here's how it works: when you publish an article on Paragraph, readers have the option to 'mint' your article on Blockchain like Base, Ethereum, or other compatible networks.


Transfer Asset to Base with Jumper Exchange

👉 Connect your Wallet
👉 Select the source Chain
👉 Select the Destination Chain
👉 Enter the Amount to transfer
👉 Execute the transaction in your Wallet

Done ✅

🕙 Note that it can take up to 10 minutes before reflecting the new Balance on the destination Blockchain!

🤔 Just Get started with a new Blockchain and need some Gas fees for first interaction?
⛽️ Gas fee Starter on Jumper Exchange : 🔗 Open


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Connect with Base Social Media

Connect to all available Social Media such as Discord, Twitter, Medium, Telegram, Newsletter, Galxe dedicated page etc...

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