Mint : Hey Zorb

New Mint

"A limited-edition Hey Zorb icon designed for mystical reflection."

Mint : Fun Times ahead

New Mint on Zora

"Commemorating Zora and Mint Fun bringing together the best minting experiences for creators and collectors."

Mint : ENS 7th Anniversary

New Mint On Base

"Embark on a journey across the new internet cosmos with the ENS 7th Anniversary NFT. As guardians of the namespace, your mission to connect, explore, and unite awaits. This isn't just an NFT; it's a symbol of unity and adventure in a vast digital empire. Claim your piece of the future where every path you carve enhances the galaxy. May the address be"

Mint : Welcome to Zora

New Mint on Zora

"A commemorative mint celebrating native Zora Network support on Coinbase Wallet. Created by Zora’s Imagination Studios for Coinbase Wallet."

Mint: Edition Zero: The Artist

Mint : Arbzuki #723

New Mint on Zora

"Mint the special edition Azuki #723 with custom Arbitrum traits designed by Steamboy, co-creator of Azuki. The Lightning Azuki represents the speed and performance of Arbitrum technology.

All proceeds from Zora protocol rewards will go to Arbitrum DAO."

Mint: Zorb.222 by 2oo2

New Mint on Zora

πŸ‘‰ Connect your Wallet
πŸ‘ Click on Mint Button
✏️ Select the Network
βœ… NFT Minted

"2oo2 is a Mexico-based artist whose minimal yet highly detailed work takes reference from 90’s video games, mystic arts and tribal symbology. He blends this nostalgia with a modern abstraction that allows the past to meet the future in a uniquely harmonious way."

Mint Nabla: A New Beginning

New Mint on Base

"The first piece of the Nabla Limited Collection.
Released on: 4/18/2024"

Mint : Introducing World Chain

New Mint on Ethereum

"World Chain is a new blockchain designed for humans.
Verified humans will get priority blockspace over bots and an allowance of gas for casual transactions. Developers will be able to reach millions of these real users around the world, with apps focused on utility for everyday life.
The network will be deeply integrated with the Worldcoin protocol to accelerate growth and leverage World ID’s Proof of Personhood. It will also be secured by Ethereum as an L2 and engineered for scalability alongside the Superchain ecosystem.
Importantly, it will be permissionless, open source, and intended to ultimately be independently governed by the community.
World Chain is expected to launch later this summer."

Mint : Bake Simulation

NFT to Mint by the creator of Zora

"1920x1920 px
123 frames

Mint : Navigating the Waves of Onchain Music

NFT to Mint

"Navigating the Waves of Onchain Music
Arella Trustman | @arella_eth | Copywriter, VeeFriends

Published in Culture Corner, EIC01

An examination of the landscape for collecting onchain music in the aftermath of the last bear market cycle."

Mint : The Infinite Story Machine

NFT to Mint

The Infinite Story Machine
William Peaster | @wpeaster | Senior Writer, Bankless

Published in Culture Corner, EIC01

Describes the early formation of a new, bottoms-up storytelling paradigm enabled by Ethereum.

Read Full Article: πŸ”— Open

Mint : 11:11

NFT to Mint

"Introducing Jonathan Frydman, a photojournalist and curator archiving his diverse projects on Zora. From capturing electrifying concert moments to documenting the harrowing experiences of young refugees in Ukraine, his work captures powerful narratives of resilience and human connection."

Mint : Just Build It [004]

NFT to Mint

"Your vision, your passion, onchain.
The world is your canvas, builders.
Craft experiences that transcend borders.
Just build it."


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