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Join the Massa Community

Connect to all available Social Media such as Discord, Twitter, Medium, Telegram, Newsletter, Galxe dedicated page etc...

Domain Name on MASSA

Get your Domain Name for FREE

👉 Go to Discord Channel 🔗 Open
👉 Visit the Channel #mns-airdrop
👉 enter "airdrop"
👉 A Massa Bot message will be sent to a new Channel
👉 Enter your Domain Name + your Address Bearby Wallet
Example : mydomain.MASSA AU12SUVsF12d54fFF45fd4d5FQsRcHv7HGSMzk2e2s

for more informations, check the official Announcement : 🔗 Open
or on X : 🔗 Open

Pools on Dusa

Deposit Liquidity to Pool MAS/USDC.e

👉 Select available Pool
✏️ Enter amount to deposit
🧐 Select your Favorite Liquidity Shape
✅ Add Liquidity

💰 Claim your Reward in both MAS and USDC.e

Swap on Dusa

Swap WETH.e from Native Bridge to MAS token

👉 Connect Bearby Wallet
👉 Select assets to swap
👉 Make a swap

Massa Native Bridge

Transfer Funds From Ethereum to Massa Ecosystem

👨‍🚀 Before you start, make sure you have:
⛽️ ETH on Mainnet for Gas fees
💰 WETH asset on Ethereum Mainnet
🧳 Installed Bearby Wallet

To Get started :
👉 Connect both Wallet Bearby and Metamask
👉 Select Ethereum Network on Metamask
👉 Enter amount ETH to transfer
👉 Execute transfer on your wallet
✅ Transfer Completed

At Gwei 15 cost is around 7$ in total.
⛽️ To optimize your transaction experience, it's advisable to strategically time your interactions with the Ethereum mainnet. By identifying the opportune moments to execute your transactions, you can reduce your gas fee expenses through vigilant monitoring of gas fee trends. Interested on Monitoring the Ethereum's Gas fee?👇
Logo Website
Image for Ultra Sound Money Dashboard

Ultra Sound Money Dashboard

Track Ethereum asset with a Full Dashboard : Gas fee, Burn, Supply and more.

Logo Website
Image for Gas Fee Tracker on Ethereum

Gas Fee Tracker on Ethereum

Curious about Ethereum Mainnet's gas fees? Looking to optimize your transactions by finding the best times for lower gas fees? Look no further! Explore gas fee analytics and optimization strategies right here.

For more informations about the Massa Bridge : 🔗 Open

Install Wallet : Bearby

Install a Browser Extension Wallet : Bearby

👉 Add Extension
👉 Create a new wallet
👉 A Seed Phrase will be generated
👉 Keep it safe
✅ Wallet Created!

Install Wallet : Massa Station

Desktop Version

Massa Station Wallet is a Desktop version and need you to install it on your Computer, make sure you understand this process before you proceed.
👉 Click on Download Button and select your Operating System
⬇️ Download the package on your computer and double click on it to start installation.
📁 Open the downloaded package!
🧐 Follow the instructions on screen to install the package
🍏 On Apple, You will have to make changes to the System Certificate Trust Settings - Do your Own Research about this topic. Some reading : 🔗 Open
🧩 Installation Completed! Launch the App, a new window will pop up on your Browser. Click Install
🚀 Click Launch
➕ Create a new account
✏️ Enter a Wallet Name
🔓 Define a Password for your Wallet
🗝️ Make a Backup of your Wallet

Select one of the available option. Key pairs will display a public and private key. Keep it Safe.
This information serve as a cryptographic backup for your wallet.

Secure Storage: Store the written Keys in a secure and discreet location. Consider options such as a locked safe, a safety deposit box, or a hidden spot in your home. The objective is to keep it safe from theft, damage, or unauthorised access.

Avoid Sharing: Never share your Keys online, through messages, or with anyone you don't completely trust. Your Keys are the ultimate option to accessing your funds; sharing it compromises the security of your wallet.

Congratulations, your wallet is created

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