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Engage and Earn : Intract

$200 raffle & discord role

Complete all the tasks and get your New Role on Discord!


Twitter Discord Twitter Plume Goon Twitter Co-founder

Join Community

Connect to all available Social Media such as Discord, Twitter, Medium, Telegram, Newsletter, Galxe dedicated page etc...

Join the Incentivized Testnet

Join Now

Complete all the tasks and get you on the list!


Claim Faucet

Add Plume Network on Metamask : 🔗 Open
Enter your Address and claim Faucet on Plume Network 🔗 Open


Discord Vanguard Role : Galxe

Get a New Role on Discord

Complete all tasks and claim your role for Discord.

Learn and Earn : Galxe

Learn & Earn - All things RWA

👉 Connect your Wallet
👉 Follow the instructions on screen 🔗 Open
👉 Answer the Quizz
✅ Select Arbitrum Network and Participate

Bitget Wallet x Plume NFT Drop : Galxe

Part 2.0

👉 Connect your Wallet
➕ Add Plume Testnet Network 🔗 Open
👥 Complete the Social Media tasks
🚀 Mint Limited-edition NFT 🔗 Open

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