BEVM x Binance Web3 Wallet Airdrop Game : Galxe

Participate to this Galxe EventNew

Follow the instruction on screen and claim your OAT



Social Media

Connect to all available Social Media such as Discord, Twitter, Medium, Telegram, Newsletter, Galxe dedicated page etc...

Mint Genesis Box

Mint Genesis Box

Connect your Wallet OKX or Metamask and select BEVM Network.
Mint For Free.
contract details : 🔗 Open

Native Bridge on BEVM Mainnet

Add BEVM Network to OKX

Visit Chainlist 🔗 Open Webpage and add the BEVM Network to your OKX Wallet

Transfer BTC to BEVM Network

Connect your OKX Wallet to both BTC addess and BEVM Address as OKX is a Multi-chain Wallet.
Enter the amount BTC to Transfer and confirm on your wallet.

Check Transaction Status

it can take up to 10 minutes before you see your funds reflecting on OKX

Transfer BTC to OKX Wallet

Buy BTC and Transfer

👉 If you already have an account, please proceed to log in to the Binance website . However, if you do not have an account yet, you can register by following the provided link 🔗 Open or select your preferred Central Exchange.
👉 Once your Binance account contains BTC funds, you have the option to withdraw them to your OKX Wallet. To initiate the withdrawal process, simply click on the Withdrawal button.
👉 Open your OKX Wallet and get your BTC address : This address will serve as the destination where you will receive your funds.
👉 Paste the copied address into the designated input field on Binance and ensure that the address is accurate. Then, enter the desired amount of BTC that you wish to send.

Once sent, your BTC will be in your Wallet shortly.

Create a OKX Wallet

Download the Browser Extension OKX

In the vast universe of blockchain, one indispensable tool emerges as the gateway to accessing your assets: a Wallet. With numerous options available in the market, we'll focus on the OKX Wallet for this tutorial. OKX Wallet, provided by OKX, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, offers users a secure platform to store, send, and receive various cryptocurrencies. Additionally, users can conveniently access their NFTs, DEFI features, and execute swaps directly within the app.

Create a New Wallet

Create a new Wallet

Save your Seed Phrase

A seed phrase will be displayed, write it down and keep it safe!

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