Philand App

Check Eligibility to Claim EXP

✅ Open the App
✅ Connect your Wallet
✅ Select Polygon Network
✅ Click on "Check Eligibility Button"
✅ Claim your EXP and Item(s)

Any Activity done on-chain can give you access to new Item and EXP. Check it out sometimes.

Create a Land

To create a Land on PHI Land, you need :
✅ Own an ENS on Ethereum 🔗 Open
✅ Holding MATIC on Polygon

Once your Wallet connected :
✅ Choose your ENS to connect
✅ Create your Land

Got some Items For Free

👉 Go to Shop from the bottom left Button
👉 Select the Free Items to add to your Wallet
👉 Execute the transaction

Build your Land

✅ Click on Edit your Land
✅ Drag and Drop the Items on your Land
✅ Save it on-chain

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