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Mint zbrUSD on Zebra Protocol

The Zebra Protocol empowers users to use stZeta as collateral to obtain loans, which will unlock more liquidity and enable users to earn higher returns.
Let's try it out!

👉 Get some wZETA on NativeX Finance
👉 Deposit wZETA on the platform to min zbrUSD
👉 Start generating Rewards

Visit Zebra protocol 🔗 Open

Liquid Staking

Liquid Staking on Accumulated Finance

Click on Stake from the top left Menu and select ZetaChain
Mint :
Enter ZETA amount to mint stZETA

Staking :
Stake stZETA to start earning staking rewards. You will receive wstZETA that accumulates and automatically compounds stZETA staking rewards.

Note that you can SWAP stZETA directly on a DEX.


NativeX Finance

Visit the NativeX Finance Website and make a swap.


Nice DEX with simple UX : Zetaswap

Domain Name

Space ID : Get your Domain Name on ZETA

👉 Search for a Domain Name
👉 Connect your Wallet and select Zetachain Network
👉 Register your Domain Name : 1.1 ZETA
💰 Execute the transaction

Edit your Domain :
✅ Enter a Username
✅ A Logo URL
✅ Social Network Account


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