How to Vote on Arbitrum DAO and Delegate your ARB?

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Participating in the Arbitrum DAO offers a combination of governance power, community engagement, financial incentives, early access to opportunities, and alignment with Decentralized principles, making it an attractive option for those interested in actively shaping the future of Decentralized Networks and Technologies.

The Basics

Install Zerion Wallet

Zerion stands as a sophisticated and seamlessly integrated wallet platform, meticulously crafted to aid users in the effective management of their DeFi and NFT portfolios, accessible through both Browser Extension and Mobile devices.

How to Buy ETH from Binance

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Transfer Funds from Ethereum to Arbitrum

Use this Native Bridge from Arbitrum to transfer your Funds from Ethereum to Arbitrum. Your Arbitrum Journey starts here.

Do you have ARB?

If no ARB in your Wallet, Visit Matcha Platform 🔗 Open and make a quick swap.

👉 Connect your Wallet
👉 Select Arbitrum One Network
👉 Make a Swap
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Welcome to Tally DAOs Platform

Once you have ARB in Arbitrum One Blockchain, visit Tally DAOs Platform 🔗 Open

👉 Connect your Wallet
👉 Edit your Profil
👉 Visit the Arbitrum DAO Section 🔗 Open
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Delegate your ARB

Once you visited Arbitrum Section in Tally 🔗 Open , Click on Delegate Button.

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You can either Delegate to yourself or to someone else.
What is the difference?

🔍 Delegating to Yourself: When you delegate to yourself, you retain full control over your voting power. This means that you directly participate in the decision-making process within the DAO and cast votes on proposals or governance matters based on your own preferences and analysis. Delegating to yourself can be advantageous if you want to maintain direct control over your voting rights and actively engage with the DAO's activities.

🔍 Delegating to Someone Else: Alternatively, you have the option to delegate your voting power to another member or address within the DAO. By delegating to someone else, you empower that individual or entity to vote on your behalf. This means that they will represent your interests and preferences when casting votes on proposals or governance matters. Delegating to someone else can be beneficial if you trust their judgment, expertise, or alignment with your values, and prefer to delegate the responsibility of active participation in DAO governance.

Delegating your Vote to someone Else?

You can choose one of the Arbitrum Core Delegates from the list

Join the Arbitrum DAO Voting Platform

Visit Snapshot 🔗 Open and Join the Arbitrum DAO

Voting on Active Proposal

On Active Proposal, you can now Vote and leave a footprint on-chain of your participation in Arbitrum DAO.

Oops, it seems you don't have any voting power at block 178,828,937

If you've recently delegated your ARB and encounter an error message while attempting to vote, here's why: Before a proposal is listed on the platform, a snapshot is taken to record which wallets hold ARB at that specific moment. If your wallet isn't included in this snapshot, you won't be able to vote. You'll need to wait for the next snapshot to be included on the voting list.

Matcha : Find the best prices for your Swap

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Welcome to Tally

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Tally is the complete DAO Operating System to Launch a DAO or participate as a User.


Snapshot Voting Platform

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Participate in the Decentralization by joining DAO of your choice.


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