Mint your Zerion Dynamic NFT Avatar and Watch It Evolve as You Explore Web3

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Experience an Evolutive NFT Feature in your Wallet : Introducing Zerion Dynamic NFT Avatar (DNA), an ever-changing NFT that evolves after each Web3 interactions. Your Zerion DNA serves as your on-chain identity, mirroring the networks you engage with, the assets you possess, and the gas you invest.

The Basics

Install Zerion Wallet

Zerion stands as a sophisticated and seamlessly integrated wallet platform, meticulously crafted to aid users in the effective management of their DeFi and NFT portfolios, accessible through both Browser Extension and Mobile devices.

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Before starting make sure you have :
👉 A Wallet Zerion
👉 Some Funds in ETH to pay the transaction

The Mint is Free but you will have to pay some fees in ETH in the Ethereum Mainnet.
To check the current Gas Fee on Ethereum, Visit Etherscan Gas Tracker : 🔗 Open

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Execute the transaction on Ethereum Mainnet

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Congratulations ! 🎉 🥳
Your DNA is Minted - Say Hello to your DNA!

New Look?

You can edit the background of your DNA

Activate your DNA

Open your Wallet Zerion from the Browser Extension and Select the NFT section. Click on your DNA and activate it!

Zerion DNA : Active

You should see your DNA Active!

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Every transaction you make on Web3 will shape your DNA, reflecting unique attributes visible on your profile. Come back sometimes to see the evolution of your DNA 👍

Claim Your Item on Philand

✅ Open the App 🔗 Open
✅ Connect your Wallet
✅ Select Polygon Network
✅ Click on "Check Eligibility Button"
✅ Claim your EXP and Item(s)

Zerion Wallet Browser Extension

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Zerion is a smart, social wallet and investing tool that helps manage your DeFi and NFT portfolio on mobile.



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Philand's mission is to give you as much freedom as possible to shape, express, and share your onchain identity from your onchain footprints. Phi aims to unlock the social and financial benefits inherent in your onchain identity, enhancing your presence within the decentralized internet.


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