How to bridge funds from Ethereum to Scroll?

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After a rigorous testing phase lasting over a year, the highly-anticipated Scroll, Ethereum's native zkEVM solution, has officially transitioned to its live network with a resounding launch end 2023 🚀🚀🚀.

To get started with Scroll, one of the initial onboarding steps involves transferring ETH from the Ethereum Mainnet to Scroll, ensuring you're well-prepared to dive into this innovative Blockchain.
Keep an eye out for the exciting interactions that await you, from engaging with a wide array of dApps to exploring Decentralized applications on the Scroll network. Your journey into the world of Scroll is starting here!

The Basics

How to Buy ETH from Binance

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Install the Wallet of your Choice

In today's Web3 landscape, numerous wallets offer users the ability to navigate the Decentralized web. To seamlessly follow this guide, you have the option to install any of the following recommended wallets: Metamask, Zerion, or Rabby. These wallets provide robust features and functionalities tailored to enhance your experience within the Decentralized ecosystem, ensuring secure and efficient interaction with various Decentralized applications and protocols. Choose the wallet that best aligns with your preferences and needs

Native Bridge

Welcome to Scroll Native Bridge.

👉 Connect your Wallet
👉 Select Ethereum Mainnet Network
👉 Enter the amount to Transfer
👉 Execute the transaction

🕙 Funds can take up to 30 minutes to reflect on your Balance on Scroll Network.
⛽️ To optimize your transaction experience, it's advisable to strategically time your interactions with the Ethereum mainnet. By identifying the opportune moments to execute your transactions, you can reduce your gas fee expenses through vigilant monitoring of gas fee trends. Interested on Monitoring the Ethereum's Gas fee?👇
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Ultra Sound Money Dashboard

Track Ethereum asset with a Full Dashboard : Gas fee, Burn, Supply and more.

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Gas Fee Tracker on Ethereum

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Orbiter Finance

Welcome to Orbiter Bridge!

Orbiter Bridge is your go-to platform for Ethereum's Layer 2 Bridging capabilities. Seamlessly transfer ETH, USDC, or USDT across an extensive array of different blockchains, including Scroll, Base, Linea zkSync Era, Arbitrum, and many others.

Native Bridge Scroll

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Transfer Funds from Ethereum to Scroll within this Native Bridge.



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Official Website for the Blockchain Scroll


Orbiter Finance

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Bridge dedicated on Zk-Tech Based for all Ethereum's Layer 2


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