Polkaverse : The Real Web3 Decentralized Social Media Platform?

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Social Media : Imagine a near future where it becomes a World Central Hub for promoting and merchandising Everything...
Soon, Some YouTubers or Twitter influencers could print more viewers than traditional major events like the Super Bowl or Pope Ceremonies on Television. This marks a paradigm shift in the promotion of products, with the social media sector playing a pivotal role in perfect coordination with the emergence of Web3.
The rise of DSM, Decentralized Social Media, crafted with a tangible Economy and Tokenomics, has officially begun, and in this Exploration, we will delve into The One that could become a New competitor to Twitter (X.com) : Polkaverse

The Basics

Install polkadot{.js} Wallet

Embarking on your journey into the dynamic realms of Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems requires a secure and efficient means of managing your assets. The Polkadot.js extension wallet stands as a robust gateway, empowering you with the tools to seamlessly navigate and engage with the diverse protocols within these ecosystems.

Buy DOT On Binance

Want to buy crypto but don't know where to buy Polkadot? No worries! Binance offers many options where you can easily buy several cryptocurrencies including Polkadot, with the lowest fees and highest security.

Send DOT from Binance to Polkadot{.js} Wallet

Secure ownership and custody of your DOT by transferring them to your Wallet Polkadot{.js}

Let's make it clear

To fully engage with Polkaverse, acquiring SUB tokens, the gas token for the Subsocial Parachain in Polkadot, is essential. While the process may initially seem complex, this step-by-step guide will seamlessly lead you through the necessary actions, ensuring that you ultimately possess SUB tokens in your wallet, ready to interact with Polkaverse applications. In summary, the journey involves purchasing DOT, transferring them to our DOT Blockchain wallet, bridging DOT to the HydraDX blockchain for a swap to obtain SUB tokens. Finally, we send SUB tokens from the HydraDX blockchain to the Subsocial Parachain. That's it! 🤓

Welcome to Polkadot{.js} Dashboard

Before to get Started, we need to identify our SubSocial Wallet Address. Visit 🔗 Open and click on the top left menu button.
Then Select Polkadot & Parachains and then Select Subsocial from the list.
To Apply your choice go back to the top of the list and click Switch Button.
Check it Out

You don't have any accounts!

Now that we have selected the Subsocial Parachain (Check on the top left of the screen), click on Accounts to check your balance. In our case, it looks like we have any accounts to display.
It's Normal! And this situation will happen many time. The solution is situated on your Polkadot{.js} Extension.
Check it Out

Select the correct Parachain on Polkadot{.js} Extension

Open your Polkadot{.js} Extension and click on the 3 Dots icons. In my Case, my wallet was only displaying Polkadot Chain. If you select Allow use on any Chain then your account on each parachain will be displayed.

Subsocial address

Now, come back to Polkadot{.js} Dashboard 🔗 Open and select Subsocial Parachain from the top left menu ,then Accounts from the top menu and you should finally see your Balance. Click on your account and a new window will popup on the right side of the screen. Here is your address and a Button is available to copy it.
Keep this page open, you will need it later on.

DO you have DOT ?

Now let's get straight to the Action.
No DOT in your Wallet? Purchase some on Binance Check It Out
then Send DOT to your Wallet.
Don't know how to do?

Welcome to HydraDX

Now let's Transfer your DOT from the Polkadot Parachain to the HydraDX Parachain.
Connect your Wallet Polkadot{.js} with the top right button.

Cross-Chain transfer

Once Connected, click on CROSS-CHAIN Button from the top menu and make sure :
👉 Source Chain is Polkadot
👉 Destination Chain is HydraDX

Enter the Amount of DOT you want to transfer and click on transfer

Quick Swap

Once you have DOT on HydraDX Parachain, you can swap for SUB token.
A good strategy is to swap enough DOT to get a minimum of 2000 SUB to participate on Polkaverse and Get Daily rewards.
Check it Out

Bridge to SubSocial

Now it will time for us to use our Subsocial Wallet Address we identify on the beginning of this Tutorial.
Click on Cross-Chain and make sure :
👉 You select HydraDX as Source Chain
👉 You Select SubSocial as Destination Chain

On the Input TO ADDRESS :
An Address will automatically will be filled but erase it and copy/paste your Address you got from Polkadot{.js}

Double check and click on Transfer

Congratulations 🙌

You have finally SUB token on your Wallet. You are ready to Interact on Polkaverse 🙌
Are you Ready?

Welcome to Polkaverse

Welcome to Polkaverse 🔗 Open
Sign Up by Connecting your Wallet Polkadot{.js}

Register your Domain Name on Polkadot

At Polkaverse, you can register your domain Name.
👉 Select Subsocial Usernames from the left menu
👉 Enter your Domain name
👉 If available, Register for 100 SUB

No Title

Once done, Click on Edit

Use this Domain for many use-cases

You can use this new domain name for :
👉 Your Space
👉 Your Website
👉 Your ID on sub.id 🔗 Open

SUB Staking

Polkaverse rewards its active users with SUB tokens for every post, like, or comment. To participate in this rewarding Ecosystem, simply stake a minimum of 2000 SUB. To get started, visit your profile from the top-right menu and click on Increase Lock to initiate the staking process.

👉 Note that, your Staking of min 2000 SUB will also generate a Yield 🙌 🔥

Staking SUB Completed

Staking completed 🙌

Now Explore Polkaverse and on clicking on your first "Like" you will be invitated to participate to the Staking Program.
Accept it and then on the right side, you will see your Staker Rewards Dashboard

The Daily Activity Target is 10 Likes per/Day minimum

You are ready !

You are ready to Create your First Post. For that, you will need Energy. Simply burn some SUB to get Energy.
Also, If you want you can Follow me Now 🔗 Open 👍 💙

HydraDX Platform

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All in One Platform to Swap, Bridge and even make a Decentralized Automated DCA. Try it Out!


Binance Official Website

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The Binance exchange is the largest crypto exchange by trade volume in the World.


Polkadot{.js} Dashboard

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Polkadot and Kusama Dashboard to select the chain of your choice and check your Balance. It serves also as Explorer to check a specific transaction.


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