Aave is a fully Decentralized, Community Governed protocol. Earn interest, borrow assets, and build applications with Aave. 🔗 Read more

Balancer's thoughtful architecture enables a wide range of innovative liquidity strategies..

MySwap is AMM for Starknet. Swap and Deposit liquidity into Pool such as ETH-wstETH.

The most advanced AMM ever on Starknet..

Debank provides users with the capability to monitor and record their activities across various blockchains and protocols. 🔗 Read more

The Most Famous Swap Application in the Market..

Step into Kim — the DEX Built on Mode Network where modernity meets freedom. Elevate your trading game in a space where each trade is more than a transaction; it's a connection. 🔗 Read more

Try out a Dedicated DEX built for Mantle Ecosystem. .

Swap any assets on many Blockchain with Izumi Finance..

Synapse is the most widely used, extensible, secure cross-chain communications network. Build truly cross-chain applications using the Synapse Protocol. 🔗 Read more

Next Gen Decentralized AMM for Stableswaps.

One-stop trade, earn and win crypto on this Decentralized platform based on the MetisDAO Ecosystem.

All in One Platform to Swap, Bridge and even make a Decentralized Automated DCA. Try it Out!.

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Before delving into Liquid Staking, it's crucial to understand the concept of staking. Staking involves participating in a blockchain network by locking up your cryptocurrency to support its operations. 🔗 Read more

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Explore the opportunity to purchase and stake your ANDR tokens within the Cosmos ecosystem, unlocking the potential for active participation and contribution to the network. 🔗 Read more

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Staking assets holds significant importance as it serves to guarantee the network's security and stability. When you stake your tokens and delegate them to a validator, you play a vital role in enhancing the network's security while also enjoying the benefits of earning rewards in return for your contribution. 🔗 Read more

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