How to Buy And Stake $ANDR - Andromeda

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Explore the opportunity to purchase and stake your ANDR tokens within the Cosmos ecosystem, unlocking the potential for active participation and contribution to the network.

The Basics

Install Keplr Wallet

KEPLR wallet is a crucial tool that facilitates seamless interaction within the cosmos ecosystem. Acting as a secure gateway, the KEPLR wallet serves as a bridge between your digital assets and the underlying blockchain network.

Get OSMO From Binance

As a beginner venturing into the world of cryptocurrency, Binance stands out as an ideal marketplace to kickstart your journey.

OSMO Holder?

The decision to opt for OSMO holds strategic significance. Possessing OSMO in your KEPLR wallet enables you to Swap various other coins within the cosmos ecosystem and seamlessly transfer them to their respective native blockchains. For a beginner's approach with the KEPLR wallet, initiating with the OSMO token serves as a prudent step, acting as a gas fee starter for active involvement in the cosmos network.
No OSMO in your Wallet? Check It Out

Get SCRT for Gas fee

Visit Osmosis SWAP

👉 Connect KEPLR
👉 Select Asset to Swap
👉 Make a QUICK Swap to SCRT
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Transfer SCRT From Osmosis to Secret Network

When you Buy assets on Osmosis 🔗 Open , all of them will be on the Osmosis Chain.
Select the Assets Section from the left menu to withdraw/Transfer your asset to the Native Chain.
In our case, we want to transfer SCRT from the Osmosis Chain to the Secret Network Chain.
Just Follow the Instructions on screen.
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Approve the transaction on KEPLR to proceed.

Welcome to Shade Protocol

Welcome to Shade Protocol 🔗 Open

👉 Connect your Wallet KEPLR
👉 Select Portfolio from the left Menu
👉 Search for ANDR token from the list

Viewing Key

Add your Viewing key for ANDR Token.
Confirm the transaction on KEPLR

Check your Balance

Once the viewing Key Generated, you can see your Balance of ANDR on Secret Network.

Buy ANDR on Secret Network

Select Swap from the left Menu and make a Quick Swap.
ANDR asset will be on Secret Network Chain.
Check it Out

Transfer From Secret Network to Native Chain Andromeda

To Transfer ANDR from Secret Network to Andromeda Chain :

👉 Select Bridge from the Left Menu
👉 Enter the Source Chain : Secret Network
👉 Enter the Destination Chain : Andromeda
👉 Enter the Amount to transfer
👉 Execute the Transaction on KEPLR

Transfer from Andromeda Chain to Secret Network

👉 Visit the Bridge Section from the left menu.
👉 Select the Source Chain : Andromeda
👉 Select the Destination Chain : Secret Network
👉 Enter the Amount of ANDR to Transfer
👉 Execute the transaction on KEPLR
Check it Out

Staking ANDR

Now that you have ANDR on Native Chain, You can Stake your ANDR and participate to the Network Security.
Visit Stavr Tech Platform 🔗 Open and select one of the Validator from the List.
If you need help to choose the right Validator 👇
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👉 Click on Delegate Button.
👉 Enter the Amount to Delegate
👉 Execute the transaction on KEPLR

🕙 Note : Your ANDR will need a period of 21 Days to be liquid again.

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