Polkadot and Kusama Dashboard to select the chain of your choice and check your Balance. It serves also as Explorer to check a specific transaction. 🔗 Read more

Official Website for the Blockchain Polkadot.

Official Website for the Polkaverse SubSocial Project.

All your Substrate addresses and balances in one place..

All in One Platform to Swap, Bridge and even make a Decentralized Automated DCA. Try it Out!.

Official Website for the Blockchain HydraDX.

Aave is a fully Decentralized, Community Governed protocol. Earn interest, borrow assets, and build applications with Aave. 🔗 Read more

Official Website for the Blockchain Astar zkEVM.

Official Website for the Blockchain Parallel.


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Social Media : Imagine a near future where it becomes a World Central Hub for promoting and merchandising Everything...
Soon, Some YouTubers or Twitter influencers could print more viewers than traditional major events like the Super Bowl or Pope Ceremonies on Television. 🔗 Read more

Logo Blockchain
Logo Blockchain

To immerse yourself in the vibrant ecosystems of Polkadot or Kusama, a wallet installation is imperative! This tutorial will guide you through the installation of the most widely used wallet in these ecosystems. 🔗 Read more

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