Bridge assets between BNB Smart Chain and opBNB Chain..

The lightning fast, low cost, safe and most secure bridge to transfer cross-chain assets to Injective. πŸ”— Read more

Transfer ETH from Ethereum to Arbitrum within this native Bridge..

Transfer Funds from Ethereum to Scroll within this Native Bridge..

Transfer Funds from Ethereum to Metis within this Native Bridge Built by Metis.

Simple Bridge Platform with a special focus on ZetaChain. is the ultimate Layer 2 bridge for effortless
multi-chain token movement..

Transfer ETH from Ethereum Mainnet to many other Blockchains..

Audited multi-chain liquidity aggregator powered by LI.FI.

Participate in the Decentralization by joining DAO of your choice..

ZetaChain has built a dedicated Hub where you can see your progress in the Ecosystem. Governance, Native Bridge, Dashboard and more. πŸ”— Read more

All in One Platform to Swap, Bridge and even make a Decentralized Automated DCA. Try it Out!.

Connect to MODE Dashboard and check your Progress and Activity within this Ecosystem. Also, You can transfer ETH from Mainnet to MODE within the Bridge presented in this Dashboard. πŸ”— Read more

Bridge dedicated on Zk-Tech Based for all Ethereum's Layer 2 .

Connecting users to EVM-powered networks, ChainList provides essential information for linking wallets and Web3 middleware providers to the right Chain ID and Network ID, ensuring seamless connectivity to the correct chain. πŸ”— Read more

The Binance exchange is the largest crypto exchange by trade volume in the World..

Check your Score in different Blockchain according your Activity on-chain, Volumes and diversity of smart contract. πŸ”— Read more

A Defi Solution Hub on Starknet, providing everything you need to explore the horizon of Web3. Deposit Liquidity and get paid in ETH and USDC as a reward. πŸ”— Read more

zkLend is an L2 money-market protocol built on Starknet which is inspired by Tradition and innovation to Build the next Legacy of Finance. πŸ”— Read more

The most advanced AMM ever on Starknet..

Nostra Finance is the Liquidity Layer of Starknet. .

MySwap is AMM for Starknet. Swap and Deposit liquidity into Pool such as ETH-wstETH.

Get 0,01 ETH on Blast Sepolia using Quicknode Website.

Official Website for the Blockchain Injective.

Official Website for the Polkaverse SubSocial Project.

Official Website for the Blockchain HydraDX.

Check your Potential Allocation and Activity on a specific Ecosystem by simply giving your Wallet Address. πŸ”— Read more

Enable real-time threat protection for risky transactions with this open-source browser extension..

Debank provides users with the capability to monitor and record their activities across various blockchains and protocols. πŸ”— Read more

Swap any assets on different Network such as zkSync Era, Linea or even Scroll..

OpenSea is a vibrant marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), enabling users to effortlessly Buy, Sell, or Mint unique digital assets. πŸ”— Read more acts as both a protocol and a guide, assisting users in navigating the nuances of Web3. It caters to users of all levels, from experienced developers to beginners, through Multiple Quests. πŸ”— Read more

Balancer's thoughtful architecture enables a wide range of innovative liquidity strategies..

Try out a Dedicated DEX built for Mantle Ecosystem. .

Official Website for the Blockchain Mantle.

Swap any assets on many Blockchain with Izumi Finance..

SpaceFi is the DeFi hub on zk Rollups with DEX+NFT+Spacebase+Launchpad, exploring the Layer2 Ecosystem. πŸ”— Read more

Synapse is the most widely used, extensible, secure cross-chain communications network. Build truly cross-chain applications using the Synapse Protocol. πŸ”— Read more

Tally is the complete DAO Operating System to Launch a DAO or participate as a User. .

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Embarking on a journey to explore a new blockchain often initiates with the pivotal step of bridging assets onto the target blockchain. This tutorial endeavors to provide a comprehensive guide, shedding light on the intricate process of seamlessly bridging assets from the Binance Smart Chain (BNB) to the Zeta blockchain. πŸ”— Read more

Logo Blockchain
Logo Blockchain

Given the persistently high gas fees plaguing the Ethereum mainnet, many users are seeking alternative solutions that offer both scalability and cost-efficiency without compromising on security. πŸ”— Read more

Logo Blockchain
Logo Blockchain

After a rigorous testing phase lasting over a year, the highly-anticipated Scroll, Ethereum's native zkEVM solution, has officially transitioned to its live network with a resounding launch end 2023 πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€. πŸ”— Read more

Logo Blockchain
Logo Blockchain

In the dynamic landscape of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Stargate emerges as a beacon of innovation, facilitating seamless token exchanges across diverse ecosystems. πŸ”— Read more

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