A Guide to Get Started with Stargate and Increase Your Wallet on-chain Reputation

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In the dynamic landscape of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Stargate emerges as a beacon of innovation, facilitating seamless token exchanges across diverse ecosystems. Governed by the Stargate DAO, this protocol not only serves as a bridge between different blockchain networks but also empowers users through active participation.

By delving into the Stargate DAO and engaging in voting processes, users not only bolster the credibility of their on-chain wallets but also position themselves for future rewards and opportunities. In this comprehensive tutorial, we'll explore how you can navigate the Stargate Ecosystem, cast your vote, and harness its full potential for your benefit.

Get STG Token

To embark on your journey with Stargate, the initial step entails acquiring STG Tokens. As you're likely aware, active participation in a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) involves voting, a privilege typically reserved for holders of the governance token. In the case of Stargate, STG serves as the conduit for governance, granting holders the ability to participate in decision-making processes within the protocol. Therefore, obtaining STG tokens is pivotal for unlocking the full spectrum of engagement opportunities within the Stargate ecosystem.

Visit Matcha Exchange Platform 🔗 Open and Select Arbitrum Blockchain.
Make a swap and get some STG.

Stargate Finance Hub

Once you have STG Token, Visit the Stargate Finance Hub 🔗 Open and select the Available Network For staking STG.

Staking Details

Enter the Amount of STG to Stake and the Duration in months.

Ready to Join the Stargate DAO?

Visit the Stargate DAO Voting Area in Snapshot Platform 🔗 Open
Connect your Wallet and Click onJoin
Check it Out

Active Proposals

Visit this Page sometimes to check if new Active Proposal are available.
Now with your Staked STG you have a Voting Power and you will be able to use it to Vote on new Proposals.
Your engagement and participation are registered on-chain.

Deposit Liquidity on Stargate

You can also deposit Liquidity In Stargate to increase your Exposure to this Ecosystem
Visit Stargate Hub 🔗 Open and Select one of the available Pool
Check it Out

No Title

Enter the amount to deposit and execute the transaction on your Wallet


Once Deposited, you can now Farm by staking your Position.

No Title

Select the amount of your position you want to Farm

Claim Your Reward

Once Done, in the left side you will see your Reward in ARB Token that you can Claim anytime.

Note :
It's important to highlight that you have the flexibility to claim your staking rewards whenever you prefer. However, it's essential to consider that claiming these rewards involves executing a transaction, which usually incurs transaction fees. To avoid these fees outweighing the value of your rewards, it's recommended to wait until your accumulated rewards reach a certain threshold before claiming them.

Keep Track of your Activity in Stargate

To Keep track of your Activity and remember where are your funds located, you can use a Wallet Tracker such as Debank 🔗 Open
Enter your Walle Address and it will display your positions in different protocols and dApps.

Want to Explore DeBank? 👇

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Stargate Finance Bridge

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Transfer ETH from Ethereum Mainnet to many other Blockchains.


Snapshot Voting Platform

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Participate in the Decentralization by joining DAO of your choice.


Debank : All in One Web3 Tools

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