Curious about Ethereum Mainnet's gas fees? Looking to optimize your transactions by finding the best times for lower gas fees? Look no further! Explore gas fee analytics and optimization strategies right here. πŸ”— Read more

Official Website for the Blockchain Ethereum.

Trade Perpetuals on Metis with Tethys.

Balancer's thoughtful architecture enables a wide range of innovative liquidity strategies..

Transfer ETH from Ethereum Mainnet to many other Blockchains..

Secure your digital identity by registering and minting your unique .eth name on the Ethereum blockchain. πŸ”— Read more

Transfer ETH from Ethereum to Arbitrum within this native Bridge..

Connect to MODE Dashboard and check your Progress and Activity within this Ecosystem. Also, You can transfer ETH from Mainnet to MODE within the Bridge presented in this Dashboard. πŸ”— Read more

On Space ID, you can mint your Digital Identity in many different Blockchains such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Manta, Arbitrum or even MODE. πŸ”— Read more

Track Ethereum asset with a Full Dashboard : Gas fee, Burn, Supply and more..

Transfer Funds from Ethereum to Scroll within this Native Bridge..

Transfer Funds from Ethereum to Metis within this Native Bridge Built by Metis.

Debank provides users with the capability to monitor and record their activities across various blockchains and protocols. πŸ”— Read more

Official Website for the Blockchain ZetaChain.

Simple Bridge Platform with a special focus on ZetaChain. is the ultimate Layer 2 bridge for effortless
multi-chain token movement..

The Most Famous Swap Application in the Market..

Official Website for the Blockchain Arbitrum.

OpenSea is a vibrant marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), enabling users to effortlessly Buy, Sell, or Mint unique digital assets. πŸ”— Read more

Official Website for the Blockchain MODE.

Matcha combines liquidity from 100+ exchanges, intelligently splitting trades across AMM and RFQ for the best prices. πŸ”— Read more

Official Website for the Blockchain Mantle.

Official Website for the Blockchain Scroll.

Swap any assets on many Blockchain with Izumi Finance..

Official Website for the Blockchain Metis.

Synapse is the most widely used, extensible, secure cross-chain communications network. Build truly cross-chain applications using the Synapse Protocol. πŸ”— Read more

Aave is a fully Decentralized, Community Governed protocol. Earn interest, borrow assets, and build applications with Aave. πŸ”— Read more

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Given the persistently high gas fees plaguing the Ethereum mainnet, many users are seeking alternative solutions that offer both scalability and cost-efficiency without compromising on security. πŸ”— Read more

Logo Blockchain
Logo Blockchain

MODE is presented as a Ethereum Layer 2 Solution but it's much more than that. Mode fosters a community-driven Ecosystem where participants directly benefit from their contributions through innovative incentive models. πŸ”— Read more

Logo Blockchain
Logo Blockchain

After a rigorous testing phase lasting over a year, the highly-anticipated Scroll, Ethereum's native zkEVM solution, has officially transitioned to its live network with a resounding launch end 2023 πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€. πŸ”— Read more

Logo Blockchain
Logo Blockchain

Metis stands as a revolutionary Ethereum Layer-2 rollup platform, meticulously designed to address the core challenges that have hindered Ethereum's widespread adoption. πŸ”— Read more

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Logo Blockchain

Scroll is built with a clear objective: Scaling Ethereum using zkEVM-based zkRollup Technology

Scroll's technical principles form the foundation of their zkEVM-based zkRollup solution, enabling Ethereum scalability. πŸ”— Read more

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ZetaChain is a revolutionary Decentralized blockchain that enables seamless communication and smart contracts across various blockchains, overcoming the challenges of "cross-chain" and "multi-chain" interactions. πŸ”— Read more

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